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Monday, April 5, 2021


 Buñuel could have directed movie about the murder of Lorca in the early 70s, with a screenplay by Jorge Semprún. On declining the invitation, he gave three reasons.

That he was retired from filmmaking. (He did go on to make another movie.)

That if he were to make another movie, it would be what he wanted to do. He had earned that right. (He was in a surrealist phase; I have a hard time seeing him doing a film with a Semprún script.)

He had known Lorca, so he couldn't accept any surrogate actor in Lorca's role.  

The three reasons are contradictory. 1 would be enough. 2 contradicts one. If 2 is the real reason, 3 is otiose. 


Leslie B. said...

Is Gibson a crank or important, do you think? (I think maybe both)

Jonathan said...

I met him last March in Madrid. He is very amiable. I don't like his approach to Lorca, but his research is fundamental. He gets cranky on issues of exhuming Lorca's body, and has had conflicts with the Lorca family over the issue.

Leslie B. said...

OK cool, so not cranky about other stuff. Good. He was the first person I read when I started to pay attention to Lorca again