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Tuesday, February 14, 2023


 "Jonathan Mayhew is a contemporary literary scholar who has written about Federico Garcia Lorca's concept of "duende" in his essay "Lorca's Theory of the Duende." In this essay, Mayhew explores Lorca's idea of duende as a force of artistic inspiration that exists outside of human control or reason.

Mayhew argues that Lorca's concept of duende represents a rejection of rationalism and a celebration of the irrational, instinctual, and emotional aspects of human experience. Mayhew sees duende as a powerful, unpredictable force that can be channeled by artists to create works of great emotional depth and intensity.

Mayhew also discusses the relationship between duende and flamenco music, which Lorca saw as a prime example of the power of duende. Mayhew suggests that Lorca's ideas about duende have influenced a wide range of artistic practices, from poetry and music to painting and theater.

Overall, Mayhew's essay provides a valuable analysis of Lorca's concept of duende and its significance for the arts."

Pretty much a mishmash of misinformation and cliché.

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