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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Some of my favorite jokes

 Why did they coronate the king in a submarine?

Deep down, he's not so bad.  

I started a club for introverts, but nobody showed up for the meetings.

I wanted to start a club for procrastinators, but I haven't gotten around to scheduling the first meeting.  

The Rabbi got up and said, "you know, you might think I'm a great rabbi, but really I'm nothing special."

A prominent man from the congregation stood up and said, "you know, I've made a lot of money, and contribute a lot to the temple, but really, I'm nothing. I'm no better than anyone else."

A schmuck in the back stood up and said, "you know,  really, I'm nothing..."  Then people started to murmur: "Who does this guy think he is, to say he is nothing?"   

A guy put two glasses by his bed side, one full of water, the other empty.  

"Well, one is for if I'm thirsty, the other is for if I'm not."

How do you make 5 million in publishing? 

Start with 15 mil.  

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Phaedrus said...

Thumbs up on that last one!