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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Murky dreams

 This was rather murky. In one part, I had found a copy on vinyl of Kind of Blue for my mother. I left it in the car, and had to retrieve it, but the backyard of her house was flooded and water came up to my ankles once I got to the carport. I had placed one turntable over another and was trying to play the record.   

There was a part of the same night's dreaming that took place in a bar.  I had a girlfriend named Julie, younger than me, and when she left a man said he was her brother. I said I hadn't met her family, and he said there was a good reason for that.  Then eventually I realized that maybe I hadn't been dating her after all. I moved discreetly to the other part of the bar. The woman had an indistinct presence and my visual imagination failed to provide her with any definite features. 

I was explaining this dream to someone (in a metadream).  Later in the the same bar, I wondered if I was dreaming or not. It seemed that I wasn't, because I tried my telekinesis trick and it didn't work. I tried to make people levitate but nothing happened. I looked out the window to see if reality had that detailed "reality look" to it, and it seemed to have it. Since I thought things were real, I didn't do anything daring. 

Obviously, though, it was a dream because I woke up in bed and it was 8:30 a.m.    

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