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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Dream of university life

 I was overhearing a colleague tell a student that his idea for a project on short stories was incoherent, because, Kafka, Borges, Faulkner, etc...  were too dissimilar.  There was no common thread. The student's idea did seem bad to me in that context. Then I had to go to another professor's office (not in my department.) She (second colleague) filled me in about the incoherence of this student's work. I noticed she didn't have a computer in her office, but when I told her this she pushed a button and a computer unfolded itself from the wall on its own little platform. I thought that was too much work, but now, in waking life, it would be a pretty cool design to have.  

Still asleep, in a metadream, I was telling someone about my dream of this short story project and consulting with other colleagues.  

Then I had to go to a third colleague's office, on another floor of the building. I took an elevator and found myself in a large open floor plan office; I asked someone where Annie's office was. It was there, I was told, and Annie herself soon appeared. Then we saw a large, whitish bison that had wandered into the building. I was wondering how it had climbed the stairs.  

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