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Friday, April 28, 2017

Bly vs Machado

he abierto muchas veredas / I have opened paths through brush                   17

soberbios y melancólicos / angry and melancholy                                        

pedantones / academics                                                                                 

tabernas / ordinary bars

gentes / men

que no son amargas / not really serious                                                         23

se eterno / cristal de leyenda // its eternal / fountain of story

borrada la historia / the history lost

sobre la orilla vieja / here on the beach                                                          29

criptas hondas / deep vaults                                                                            31

y quimeras rosadas / and mythological beasts, rosy ones

y las campanas suenan / bells are asleep                                                        33

Crece en la plaza en sombra / el musgo                                                        35
In the shady parts of the square, moss / is growing

nuestra sola cuita / our only concern                                                              37

el agua cantaba / the water was composing                                                   39

divino / religious

gran cantar / marvelous lines                                                                         41

los poetas míos / poets I admire

Colmenares / ¿ya no labráis / have those beehives stopped                          45

enjauladas / that were in cages                                                                       49

la voz querida / the voice I loved so much                                                     51

la mano amiga/ the hand that loved me

tu pobre huerto / the garden entrusted to you                                     57

ni vagamente comprender siquiera / 

I don’t even have a general understanding                                                                                                  

estrella / guide

el alma niña / the soul like a young woman                                                  69

y la pequeña historia / and the history not long

Incomprensibles, mudas,  /nada sabemos de las almas nuestras

We know nothing of our own souls / that are ununderstandable and say nothing

Tal vez la mano, en sueños / It’s possible that while sleeping the hand          71

 Gotas de sangre jacobina / A flow of leftist blood                                          83

la mansion que habito / the house in which I live                                           85

cabalgando contigo a tus entrañas
ride with me, as far as I go, deep into you                                                       87

quién sabe / lo que se traga la tierra

Is is certain / how much the earth actually eats                                              103

Está el enigma grave / there is a third serious puzzle                                     107

la palabra / human language

junto a su tomate / next to his darling tomato                                                147

siempre al son que tocan bailan
When the sound is heard people dance                                                            149

un corazón solitario / a heart that’s all by itself

it’s ok                                                                                                               151

es mejor soñar / then it’s better to be asleep dreaming                                    153

y reposó, que bien lo merecía
and rested, which rest it certainly deserved                                                      155

rapaz / speedy                                                                                    157

sent out for punishment to attack constantly                                                   

chopos de frío / cold poplars                                                                           165

a estos jardines de limonar  /to these gardens with private lemons                 167

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