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Sunday, November 4, 2018


“Falla leaves his mark not only on Lorca’s landscapes and cityscapes, but also on melodic and non-melodic aspects of deep song celebrated in his poem. Four poems concern the guitar, exalted by Falla for its permanent contribution to European music. In Lorca’s ‘La guitarra,” onomatopoeia imitates the instrument as Falla did with piano and strings of the traditional orchestra” (Orringer 203; emphasis added). 

Lorca writes poems about the guitar because of Falla's influence?  Isn't the guitar simply the instrument used in the music FGL was celebrating, the cante jondo?  Would Lorca need to think about violins imitating guitars to use onomatopoeia in his poetry?  

What is lacking in these analogies is parsimony. Go for the most obvious explanations first. Only then, if they don't work, do you complicate things. I swear he does something like this almost on every page.

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