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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Toby de las Rivas

People are trying to persecute a poet because they think he is a "Fascist," and then, of course, a very long-winded guy comes along and says that's the wrong way to condemn him, because he is something a little bit worse than a Fascist:  

Anyway, my tl:dr on TMdlR is: I think the more useful description of his poetics is ‘post-liberal’ rather than ‘fascist’ – but this doesn’t necessarily stop us from declaring it an act of fascist appeasement, and, in its own way, as dangerous as fascism. (This is a very long, rather grim post, so I’ve put a musical interlude in the middle to give us all a break…)

If I were writing this many words I would be saying more, not just going on and on without saying anything. At the very end, he condemns this poet for writing about Unamuno!  Well guess what, writing about Unamuno sympathetically does not make you a Fascist.  

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