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Thursday, January 27, 2022

A mondegreen and some dreams

 In the lyrics to the song "Solitude," many of the sites cite the second line as 

"In my solitude you haunt me

with dreadful ease of days gone by"

The correct word is "reveries." What is surprising is that mistake is on several different sites. It is hard for dread to be easeful.  


I dreamt I had been appointed interim chancellor.  It didn't seem that strange to me, and I thought about the extra money it would be bring me. I wanted to start have people call me by my title rather than my first name. So power, money, and status all tied up in an efficient package. 


I was throwing several old bras belonging to X away in the alley. The dumpster was no longer there, so I saw where people had stacked plastic garbage bags in various places. I opted to throw away the bras in the pit where the dumpster had been. I doubted my decision, but then decided it was ok because they were biodegradable and that X would not criticize my decision.  


The rest of the night was spent dreaming of technological issues in the classroom.  

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