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Friday, January 7, 2022


"... creo que los panoramas literarios en los que la pulsión inventiva o imaginativa es la predominante producen mejores obras que aquellos donde la creación entendida en un sentido mínimo estrecha hasta la asfixia las posibilidades, generando una estética reconocible y normalizadora."

--Vicente Luis Mora

Here is a book about how Lorca was inspired by real life:  Lorca: basado en hechos reales (Los sucesos que inspiraron sus obras)


I don't know why people don't understand that literature is fictive.  


Leslie B. said...

Why do they always think his poetry is about his assassination?

Jonathan said...

I know. That is super irritating. It's like when undergraduate talk about Lorca's opposition to Franco.

Leslie B. said...

That, too. Now then the new post, about this NATIVE SPEAKER's misreading of basic vocabulary and whatnot in Bernarda Alba, really reminds me of why I didn't like Peninsularists when I was an undergraduate. So much of their work seemed to be like this

Leslie B. said...

...I mean, remember all those practically empty books about Lorca, like his alleged ex suitemate at Columbia Howard Young, etc.? It was as though these scholars were poorly educated because no matter how much education they got, there was nothing in them as people for it to stick to.