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Saturday, January 8, 2022


There is pretty funny mistake pointed out in the review cited above. The author of the book on Lorca's "real life" inspiration talks about Leonardo's family being "matadores." The author of the book thinks that this means bullfighters, when in context it means simply "killers." Leonardo's family members have killed the father and older brother of the Bridegroom's family.  Since this is a crucial part of the plot, it is hard to see how you can trust someone who doesn't understand the play itself. In the "real life" incident behind BdS, there is not a family feud like this in the first place. I'm thinking of writing something about literalism in Lorca interpretation. But then I would have to get this fucking book. 

"en Bodas de sangre, a la madre del Novio se le envenena el alma al enterarse de que Leonardo, antiguo novio de la prometida de su único hijo, pertenece a la familia de 'los matadores' (o sea, de los asesinos) de su marido y de su primogénito, en tanto que Caballero parece entenderlo en clave taurina, cuando escribe que era 'miembro de una familia de matadores, elemento costumbrista, casi cliché desde entonces'"

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