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Thursday, January 13, 2022

More bad design

 A crock pot with locking lid. But the instructions say you do not lock the lid while cooking, since the lid might crack. Presumably the lid is only for taking the pot to a potluck, but if you don't read the instructions... 

A carpet cleaner in a spray bottle. You will inevitably want to spray down onto the stain on your carpet, but the bottle only sprays if held vertically (spraying horizontally and not straight down). 

You cannot use every slot in a power strip / surge protector thing because of issues with the shape of the plugs, angles of adaptors.  There should be larger spaces between the outlets. 

The lightbulb in an oven is attached by screws. You need to unscrew it with screwdriver to change it instead of just changing lightbulb.  

There should be a charging basket. You just place all your devices in the basket, at no special angle, and they will charge.  Instead, each item has its own proprietary charger and must be plugged in.  

A pair of scissors comes in a package of hard plastic that can only be opened safely with ...  a pair of scissors.  

A website for graduate admissions that is cumbersome to use, and doesn't permit you to download files. 

Once standard features, like headphone jacks or places for cd, no longer appear in new generations of computers, phones. 

A menu on a computer program that includes endless options that I do not need. There ought be be a way to customize the menus. I only "insert" page numbers, comments, and page breaks in Microsoft word.  

A diversity training on line that doesn't work without modifying setting on browser in some unspecified way.  

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