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Friday, January 21, 2022

Dream of Blue Period of Frank O'Hara

 I was on some kind of panel discussion about Frank O'Hara's self-portraits. They were hanging on the wall behind me, so I had to keep turning around. They were a light, but very vivid blue color, similar to that of Picasso's blue period. Someone else was talking about his wide palette of colors, but I only saw a few colors. One painting had a row of men in a café sitting with their back to the wall, one of whom was Frank. The paintings were animated, like animated cartoons, with the men smiling at times.  


A dream is first of all the dream itself, as experienced by the sleeping mind. Then the awake mind must remember it and figure out how to conceptualize it, how much detail is significant. Then the write-up is a selective verbal representation of that. The memory of the dream fades, so a year later, when I read about a dream, I have only the words to go by, with nothing of the original experience.  

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