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Friday, January 28, 2022

The attack on Yépez ends with this weird paragraph, like seriously, WTF:   

"In a final historical irony, if you do a little bit of genealogical digging, you’ll discover that the Yépez name was granted to the family in 1492. That was one of the Occxidant’s/Christendom’s very big years. The name was a gift bestowed on them by a grateful King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella on the triumphant Christian return to Spain after 300 years of exile. It came with the village of the same name which was the site where the newly minted Yépez family had defended Christendom and the Occ(x)ident and helped drive the Moors out of Iberia and back into the benighted Orient from which they had crawled. Maybe that’s why he is so fascinated with Oxident."

There wasn't a triumphant return to Spain by the Christians in 1492. There wasn't 300 years of exile. Who exactly awash in exile? And attacking Yépez for his last name?

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Leslie B. said...

God, so this person doesn't even have B.A. level knowledge, right?

Anyway I did my own quick and cheap Internet search and found out that it's a Saxon name. It's the same name as Jeppesen in Danish. Son of Jeppe.


Side comment: there's a lot of howling misinformation on genealogy sites. Yépez, person from the town of Yepes, yeah right (there is a Yepes creek in Aragón). They also say it's Jewish derived from Yod which is a *place* in Israel. This is the kind of source your nemesis-friend uses.