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Friday, April 26, 2013

3rd paragraph

A systematic and more or less “universalist” approach, such as the one that I am proposing here, encourages a skeptical view of exceptionalism in general as well as in its individual manifestations: the recognition of patterns repeated from one discourse to another tends to undermine the entire intellectual project of exceptionalism. The thirteen axioms or predictions I am proposing aim to define a general theory of exceptionalism. In some sense these predictions are a form of “prophecy after the fact” (Burke) in that they make predictions based on the shape that exceptionalist discourse has already taken. We might prophesy, however, that a previously unknown form of exceptionalism might follow the patterns outlined here.


Leslie said...

Where are you reading this? Observe:

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Un saludo cordial desde Pittsburgh,

Margo Helena Lynch

Jonathan said...

I would have to give it as a keynote or invited lecture at a university. It would be too long for a 20 minute conference paper.

Leslie said...

I think you should try to keynote it at some conference that does both Peninsular and Span Am or at ABRALIC which is a brilliant Brazilian Comp Lit conference I cannot normally afford.

Jonathan said...

I can't invite myself for a keynote, but I have something to give if I am invited somewhere to talk, or if I have a job talk next year.