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Thursday, April 11, 2013


So I gave my first skype lecture today for another blogger's class. It went fine, as far as I can tell, so I was thinking I can offer that for any reader of the blog who wants me to give a lecture in their class. I could probably do one to four a semester without it being much extra work for me. I would be glad to spread el evangelio según Lorca or según Mayhew.


Anonymous said...

It was good. There was only one weird thing about it: you were low in the visual frame, as in, your head was below the center of the picture.

When Clarissa gave her lecture, this did not happen. She is a veteran Skyper. I do not know what caused this, it must have to do with how the webcam was pointed. But, for a really fancy Skype lecture, you want go get yourself seen sitting at a desk. We could tell you were sitting at one and could see your bookshelves and out your window, but ideally you would have a piece of the desk at the bottom of the frame. :-)

Jonathan said...

Thanks. I'll look out for that next time. I can just tilt the computer screen. In my little window my face was perfectly centered so I don't quite understand it.

You guys were looking at the screen where my face was rather than at the actual camera, so if felt like you weren't really looking at me.

Anonymous said...

I know, it was hard to face that webcam located away from the image. I want a longer cord.