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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I like putting emphasis on producing a finished product. If we emphasize process too much, then we lose sight of the goal. Take the finished product you want to see, imagine it in your mind, then reverse-engineer it. The process you need is a way of getting there. All those "shitty first drafts" and "rough drafts" should be invisible to the reader of the final product.


Andrew Shields said...

Ciaran Carson on Vermeer in "Fishing for Amber": "… that glossy finish in which every brush stroke is eliminated. The technique is inscrutable."

Anonymous said...

"It's a process" has also become a buzz phrase for everything in life, I note. I like goals and think all the emphasis on process is cover for not having them.

But, re writing, WPA standards have a whole section on process. Students must understand writing is a process, and on, and on. http://wpacouncil.org/positions/outcomes.html

I, of course, have been organizing notes and drafts all day in non linear fashion, I recognize that one must do this at times, but I still love to think of the student who apologized for not having done the prewriting exercises: "I know I should have, but I was just so interested in my idea that I wanted to get straight to writing it up."