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Friday, April 26, 2013

5th Paragaph

Not bad for a few hours work, huh:
Since this essay had its origin as part of a book-chapter on a lecture by Federico García Lorca, Juego y teoría del duende, it is grounded in Spanish exceptionalism, and in the thought of Lorca himself. I propose it as a general theory of the poetics of cultural exceptionalism because I am making the assumption—contrary to prevalent views of Lorca’s text—that, whatever its uniqueness, it is a typical example a kind of discourse found elsewhere in Spanish literature and intellectual history, and in other formulations of this poetics. My essay, then, will predict what Lorca’s duende might look like from the point of view of comparative exceptionalism.
These five paragraphs.

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Professor Zero said...

Very interesting. (You know it took me the rest of this month to teach my class your Lorca lecture. We just finished, finally. This means I had to reread a few times for them and I can certify, there is a lot in it, it is good.)