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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reading List

I have read El mito del carácter nacional by Caro Baroja. Another book by Jon Juaristi wasn't as interesting as it sounded (for my purposes). The Basques are (ironically or not) the best writers on Spanish exceptionalism: Unamuno, Caro Baroja, Juaristi, Goytisolo. (I'll count him as Basque because of his surname, and because I can't quite see him as Catalan.)

I have to re-read some Goytisolo novels and essays. I realized now I've never actually read Juan sin tierra. I will look at Brad Epps's book on JG as well.

Sebastiaan Faber's two books, on Hispanism in the US and on Spanish exiles in Mexico. I am on an MLA panel with him if all goes as planned. My daughter will be studying in Chicago at either Northwestern or DePaul so I can see her as well.

All this reading will be for one chapter, really one or two sections of the chapter. But I am thinking that it will also give me material for my seminar on Metanarratives of Hispanism, and a future project on Spanish exceptionalism arising out of that seminar.

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