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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thoughts for the Day

An exceptional writer in an exceptional environment won't be "normal." In other words, if Spain is exceptional because non-European, and a writer in Spain is exceptional because of reaching out to Europe, then this writer won't be a "normal" European writer (whatever that is!) but twice strange, because of reacting against an exceptional environment. There is no outside to exceptionalism?

You could view it as an imaginary relation to something real (Althusser's definition of ideology). So it is fictional, but not in the sense that the entities being considered are not real.


"Dear Dr. Mayhem ..." I wonder if this person really thinks there are people with the surname of "Mayhem." ?? "Meet Dr. Murder and Dr. Riot."


Every day I get up and work with this same ideas, pushing them a bit further, figuring out what I've already figured out and trying to get to the next step. Compare if I had started thinking about something yesterday. I wouldn't seem very smart. I've been engrossed in this line of thinking for three or four months.

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