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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Ok, I don't have 10 axioms yet, but my idea is to work on that part of the chapter by developing 10 axioms and then explaining each one. If I can put them in order, then an argument will emerge. I'm thinking of what Sedgwick did in part of Epistemology of the Closet with the title "Axiomatic."

1. Cultural exceptionalism is always a literary construction.

[update: I have nine now. Looking for the 10th]

[update 2: found the 10th one. I could keep going, but then after 10 any other axiom would be rephrasing. My 10th one is basically a variation on the idea that if there is more than one version of exceptionality for any nation or group, it shows that all are constructions.]

[update 3: I have twelve, without too much repetition.]

[update 4: thirteen, so I can call it 13 ways of looking at...]


Andrew Shields said...

If you had six, you'd call it "six axioms in search of exceptionalism."

Jonathan said...

That's good! Now I'm back to 11 or 12.