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Thursday, September 6, 2018

11 signs that you will be a great dancer

Ignore for the moment the fact that this about dance. These 11 signs could also tell you that you will be a good scholar.  Just substitute what you want to be good at for "dance" and you will be fine.

1) Delayed gratification.

2) You can't stop thinking about [dancing]; or whatever you want to put in this slot.

3) You are obsessed about getting better.

4) You always have a target.

5) You finish what you start.

6) You do what you say you are doing to do.

7) You know how to use negative and positive feedback to your advantage.

8) You are consistent.

9) You are a great observer.

10) You have a great work ethic.

11) You are always looking for a way of doing things differently.

1 comment:

Leslie B. said...

You have enough self-love. My student yesterday reminded me that this is what underlies the work ethic, or must if it is to work.