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Saturday, September 22, 2018


I was invited to give of the keynote addresses for an international conference on Lorca in Madrid in February. Apparently it's international because of me, one other US scholar from Indiana University, and one professor from Italy.  Everyone else works at a Spanish university.  

I am asked to talk about Lorca studies in the US, something I know a bit about.  

My first idea: our perspective is international. We are often very conscious of Lorca in the US and of the fact we aren't Spaniards and are interpreting Lorca for other Americans. Translation figures large in our enterprise (Honig, Maurer, {Mayhew}). Lorca studies has never been a mainly Spanish enterprise anyway, and even many of the Spanish scholars have been working on Lorca within US institutions.

Second idea: a larger context: Lorca in the English speaking world, including other parts like Canada and the British Isles, is a figure who looms large after the Civil War.

Third idea: we are attuned to Lorca's ongoing reception as well as to documentary and bibliographical work.  

That should be enough for an hour, once I fill in all the examples. I will de-emphasize my own contributions, of course, but sneak some of them in indirectly.    

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