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Sunday, September 9, 2018

An Illusion

I used to think that if I weren't so disorganized, lazy, depressed and/or anxious, etc... then I could have published a few more books, maybe seven instead of the five I have.  This is an illusion, clearly, because projects need time to develop (not just the speed at which you can work, but the internal tempo of how long it takes you to really achieve the maturity you need for certain projects.)  The pace of publication is irrelevant unless you are on a promotion clock, which I haven't been since 1994. Why should it matter if I publish 6 or 10 books in my career, or whether the books are spaced out every nine years or every six? It matters most to me, of course, not to anyone else. I want to know I still have it at this point, ten years before retirement. I want to be the guy that's still learning new tricks, not the person repeating the same thing over and over. I think I can say I am.

So could I have published a little more than I have? Sure, but the end result would not be all that different.

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