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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Drummer: A Dream

I was at a concert hall of some kind on a college campus and peaked in a window or curtain to see a drummer playing extremely fast, but very musically, mostly on the ride cymbal. He was soloing or warming up, and there were odd "cuts" in his playing, as though I were watching a film of him playing rather than a live performance. He looked a bit like Jack DeJohnette, but with a beard and a bit skinnier. I rushed over a few feet to the box office to buy a ticket to the event where he would be playing. A male friend of mine whom I had just told about the drummer got his ticket first, and I asked for a ticket to the Kenny Burrell show. The ticket agent looked vaguely similar to the drummer and said, do you mean Kenny Burr? I wasn't sure but I said I just wanted the same show my friend was going to. In the dream he was my best friend, or a very close friend, though I could not identify him when I woke up.

The ticket agent cut up my credit card and I asked him why. He said he suspected fraud when the card was denied. I gave him my debit card instead, but I couldn't see the show because I woke up while still trying to buy the ticket. (The cat was attacking my feet.) So I guess the show was what I saw before I tried to buy the ticket.

Since I was the dreamer, that drum music was coming from me...  

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Leslie B. said...

How wild. So you do not have enough credit/credibility with yourself to get in, with yourself, to see yourself play. Yet you almost did - you know where the concert was, and that there was one, and saw a snippet of it.