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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Ut pictura poesis

I was working on my course description and jogging. The running felt very labored; the street was crowed with joggers going in both directions. So when I woke up I naturally continued to work on my description.  I was wheezing a bit so that maybe explains the running part.


It will be called "Interartistic Approaches..."

There will be four segments.

Ekphrasis and its discontents. (Horace, Lessing... W.J.T Mitchell... María Victoria Atencia; Margot Persin).

Visual poetry. (Emblem poetry; Apollinaire; concrete poetry; Ullán)

Poetry in performance, but without singing.  (Kuhnheim, Bernstein...).

Musical adaptations; words and music in culto and vernacular traditions. (John Hollander)

This is not a Lorca seminar, for once, but it really is.  Ha Ha.  How could anything I do not be a Lorca seminar? It will allow me to talk about some ideas I've talked about before, like the difference between visuality in poetry and poetry that talks about a painting.

By the way, people have been misquoting that Horace tag for centuries. What it is is not an assertion that poetry and pictures are the same, but that they are the same in certain respects.

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