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Monday, September 3, 2018

Not hypocritical

Zizek and Butler seem incapable of thinking with any intellectual honesty at all. They are at the Donald Trump level of thought, both dishonest in a transparent way and not particularly bright-sounding.   

Another hypothesis is that they are not hypocritical at all: they do sincerely believe that powerful people should be able to harass with impunity. There is no hypocrisy in the defenders of Ronell. They are not people who believe that harassment is wrong in the first place. Their support for their colleague is not ironic in the least. Butler knew she should apologize, not because she thought she was wrong, but because she knows what the official MLA line is supposed to be. Her apology was hypocritical, not her original letter in support of Ronell.

1 comment:

Leslie B. said...

They're Trumpies, all right.

And this will be unpopular but I am bored with all this gender fluidity scholarship, it's like some Disney version of serious matters, and it reminds me of Trump, too