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Monday, September 3, 2018

Franco and transition jokes

How is it to live in Spain?  --We can't complain... that is... we can't complain.

Why did they coronate the king in a submarine?  --Deep down he's not so bad.

We lived better against Franco.  [Vivimos major contra Franco; variation on "Vivimos mejor con Franco.].

A little boy is muttering to himself on the street, "Franco is a monkey, Franco is a monkey..."  He is stopped by the police, and offers as an excuse, that there are many people named Franco.  The Guardia Civil says, "Yes, but only one of them is a monkey."  

Franco's wife wakes up horny and tells him, "let's fuck," so he gets up and signs five death sentences.

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Leslie B. said...

Vallejo joke: you know Ballón A.'s edition of manuscripts is reported on in several places but nobody has the link to right (it's an online repository). I am starting to wonder whether it exists