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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Zizek on Ronell: With friends like these. who needs enemies?

"Yes, she can be “bitchy,” as they say, but she can also be very engaged and helpful. To see this, one just has to read letters from her to him and from him to her, insofar as they are available. The figure of Avital that emerges from them is somebody demanding, bullying, controlling, sharp witted, nuanced, perceptive, but at the same time caring and helping, and above all pretty insecure, almost desperately clinging to formal assurances while being aware they are not sincerely meant (in the style of “even if you don’t mean it, just pretend…”). This is definitely not a controlling master sadistically enjoying her power."

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Leslie B. said...

Well, my view is that all the support letters are narcissistic. The Butler letter did harm I am sure and I don't think Butler wrote it with Avi in mind ... she wanted to show power, or rather, force.