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Monday, August 7, 2023


A scholar, Federico Bonnadio, in his book Lorca: The Poetry in All Things (2022). cites me about a dozen times, and is one of the first to cite my second, lesser known book on poetry. I haven't read the book yet, just egotistically search for my own name. It kind of feels good, especially since he cites a sentence I don't remember writing in which I say that Lorca's poems are fictions, during precisely the time I am developing my theory of Lorca's fictionality, once again.   

‘a poem by Lorca is a work of fiction, not a biographical document’ [según Mayhew]

Bonaddio, Federico. Federico García Lorca: The Poetry in All Things (Icons of the Luso-Hispanic World Book 1) (p. 33). Boydell & Brewer Ltd. Kindle Edition. 

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