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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Puñal de claveles (1931)

 There another book supposedly based on the Crimen de Níjar, by Carmen de Burgos, a sentimental costumbrista novel. The novel has little in common with Bodas de sangre, and only a small relation to the original event.  In the novel, the young lovers escape; there is no killing. Two men, Antonio and José, are friends, and José of them gives flowers to Pura, the bride, saying that they are from Antonio (the groom).  Then he steals the bride away from his friend the night before the wedding, with the aroma of the flowers being a kind of aphrodisiac.  In this picture from the cover we see Pura with carnations.  

The word puñal means dagger, but one of its archaic meaning is "handful." The puño is the fist. Puñado would be a more modern version of the word puñal in its archaic meaning. 

The novel takes place in Níjar, but the main plot mechanisms are the invention of Burgos: the flowers, the friendship between the two men, the beauty of Pura. 

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