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Wednesday, August 9, 2023


 I went down one of those rabbit holes. I was trying to remember Guillén or Salinas being against intentionality at an early stage of their careers, like Anglo modernists Eliot or Woolf. So I looked up Salinas and remembered his affair with Katherine, who inspired La voz a ti debida. And then I discovered that she had studied at KU, where I have made most of my career. Here is her PhD dissertation:  



Leslie B. said...

I think it's her B.A. thesis. Supposedly her PhD is from Berkeley. I just realized the time she spent in Madrid was during the Republic. What an interesting person.

Leslie B. said...

P.S. And man, she was very ethereal and he was very smitten. I learned about this in school of course, but was not as impressed with the whole thing as today

Jonathan said...

Me neither. I 've been trying to find her PhD thesis, but UCB doesn't allow outsiders to look at catalog.