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Monday, August 21, 2023


 I got a book in the mail from amazon prime, at my office, sent to me by someone I have not yet identified. It is another attack on the poetry of experience, articles from the 90s but only published as a book now. The first article is an attack on a book by Luis Alberto de Cuenca. The first poem cited has these lines:

Te duchabas mil veces, te ponías

fijador en el pelo, y la esperabas

impaciente en la puerta del colegio.

Luego ibais a sentaros a aquel banco

del bulevar, o a casa de tus padres.

Pasó el tiempo. La magia de la cita

te llenó la cabeza de ilusiones. 

"Estoy enamorado" comentabas, 

orgulloso y feliz, a tus amigos. 

[You would shower a thousand time, put on hair spray, and wait for her impaciently and the door to the school. Then you would go sit on a bench on the boulevard or at your parents' house. Time passed. The magic of the date filled your head with illusions. "I am in love," you would say, proud and happy, to your friends.]. 

Anywhere, it is a hilarious hatchet job.  Very enjoyable.  It is a book of poems so bad that just quoting from it is condemnation.  

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