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Friday, September 28, 2018

Business Plan: A Love Poem

People jog in tee-shirts, but men's dress shirts are made of a thinner material

they cling less to the body, hang looser

are easier to remove by unbuttoning

when soaked with sweat

I am thinking of the short-sleeved dress shirts worn by the Mormon missionaries

in warmer climates, not of long-sleeved shirts

of course nobody would go running in a white dress shirt like that

but I propose, my love, that you and I design, manufacture, and market a shirt

of light synthetic or blended material, like that used for other sportswear

modifying the hang of a dress shirt, but for athletic use


Leslie B. said...

Tropical fishing shirts do that.

NB I hike and camp in dresses, and jog in dress shirts. People always laugh at this but the right casual dress is far more practical than jeans and shorts, which have a lot of seams and bunch up, get sweat in the seams, etc.; dress shirts are better than T-shirts for the reasons you say.

Jonathan said...

Yes. Thanks. Glad to see I am not crazy