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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Musicology: A Dream

Some people in the musicology department that my friend, X, had died 8 years earlier in an auto accident.  I knew this wasn't true because I saw him last Spring. They were insistent. 

I went to the chairman's department. His shirt, a paisley pattern in green, matched the wallpaper exactly. I asked if that meant he had to wear the same shirt every day for that effect, and he said no, the wallpaper was "rented."


Leslie B. said...

You are in some process of creative transformation but I have not discovered the meaning of this dream.

Leslie B. said...

It has to do with taking your place as musician, coming out as someone who does more than dabble, takes it more seriously than that, even if you are never going to be "good"(the way people with a lifetime of training are)

Jonathan said...

I think you're right. My musicologist colleague is a real person, but others in the dream are not. They try to convince me that the real person is not there any more, but they are actually the impostors.