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Friday, September 7, 2018

You can't make this shit up. It sounds like parody but it is not:  

By living their thinking twenty-four hours a day, that is to say, by actually caring, and not merely inhabiting a “position,” or a job, doggedly honest types, a Socrates, a Diogenes, a Jesus, a Bruno, a Nietzsche, a Reich, a Derrida, or a Ronell show that they disdain, or more infuriatingly, deplore, the concerns of the entrenched majority, and they inevitably incur their resentment. When they suggestively invoke her “star status” as if it has come about through the machinations of a malign cabal, or worse, that she has somehow sought it out, perhaps even in lieu of the incessant efforts that actually account for it, when, as far as I can judge, she sets no great store by it, I can only hear the indignation that dogged or even killed too many of the forebears that all the while held out to them a precious gift. Star or not, she well understands and never evades the fact that she is also vulnerable, insecure, fragile, sometimes unbalanced, and, perhaps astonishingly, dangerously ingenuous.



Leslie B. said...

How do you find these things? I am amazed. So now the reason people are upset is that she has a good job and visibility (I continue to maintain that those are the things she, like many, has)?

Leslie B. said...

...although what they may mean is that she has an authenticity about her that many don't, and I would allow that there is a way in which that is true (even though she's also duplicitous and manipulative).

Dying to read the whole piece, cannot find.

Jonathan said...

Try here


The "theory illuminatI" site is entirely devoted to defending Ronell.

Leslie B. said...

Oh God, I keep forgetting about them. They've gotten more ludicrous since I last looked.

I do NOT understand why people complicate this so much. Every sexual harasser I have known has also had people they did not harass and people who liked them. That's how they get away with harassing those they do harass.

I have had colleagues I liked who turned out to be harassing students. It is possible to like someone, yet know they are doing wrong.